Brandyn Roark

I started as a coaching client with Dara after racing XTERRA for 3 years as an amateur. I had a series of coaches who pushed me and understood the sport of triathlon well, but lacked the detail when it came to “ME” specifically as well as being an XTERRA athlete. Dara understood the individuality of our sport and she also understood the connection between mind and body and the importance of mental strength.

Within my first year of racing under the direction of Dara, I went from a top age group amateur to a top overall amateur and within a year and a half I was able to become a professional triathlete. Dara’s insight into the sport of cycling and triathlon is incredible, but her greatest gift is in her very personal care of her athletes as well as her attention to detail. I always felt very taken care of by her as a coach, she pushed me past my set limitations and encouraged me to choose quality over quantity.

I raced four seasons with Dara without injury and without overtraining, her attention to details enabled me to race with optimum health. I have taken the last two years off from racing but I do know when I am ready again, Dara will absolutely be my coach! It is a privilege to be coached by Dara and to also call her a friend.— Brandyn Roark

Doug Loveday

Dara brings a wealth of hard earned knowledge to her coaching acquired from many years pursuing a professional mountain bike career on the state, national and international stages.

But none of this means anything if it can’t be communicated to the client. This is where Dara’s true gifts lie. I’ve ridden side by side with Dara and witnessed her enthusiastic and uncanny ability to convey abstract concepts in different contexts until the client understood. This is a vital, and often overlooked component to coaching.

In addition, I know Dara to be an avid seeker of information through personal research and participation in hosting and aiding in many camps/clinics including USA Cycling Junior Developmental camps.

I highly recommend Dara as the person to guide you on your athletic journeys.— Doug Loveday

Liz Letson

Dara takes a sincere interest in her athletes. Her immediate feedback has been invaluable and her willingness to adjust my schedule as necessary due to unexpected work trips, etc. has been extremely helpful. She really listens and provides open and honest feedback.

In addition to physical and mental training plans, she relies on experience and research to continually supply me with extra tips and information; including nutrition, bike set up, stretching, warming up, etc. It is clear that Dara gives 110% to all of her clients regardless of past experience or ability.

Before working with Dara, I was a beginner mountain bike racer that had recently moved up to sport class but I was not performing well. After working with Dara I have already seen significant improvement and have placed in the top three at all of my mountain bike races this year. Most importantly, Dara’s positive attitude and genuine interest are infectious and motivate better than any training plan or book I have ever read!— Liz Letson