Imogene Pass Run

Imogene Pass Run

The Cross-Trainer’s Way to Imogene: 16-Week Training Plan
Training plan for the Imogene Pass Run.
How do I purchase the training plan?
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Who is the training plan intended for?
This training plan is intended for runners who are training to complete the Imogene Pass Run (IPR) as their top-priority event for the year, but know that if they run too frequently or too far they will end up injured and unable to do the IPR. It is also intended for those who simply have other loves besides running, and want to include those loves in their weekly training. It includes several suggestions on specific routes and races in Flagstaff, AZ. However, if you are traveling, spending time somewhere besides Flagstaff, or are not available for a race, just substitute a similar route or effort on those days.
When does the plan begin?
Monday, May 20, 2019. It goes for 16 weeks, through the IPR race date of Saturday, September 7, 2019.
Are there any in-person meeting sessions?
Maybe! If enough folks sign up for it, I will hold an in-person session on May 18 to go over some of the workouts, as well as meet each other and get some initial questions answered. This is an optional session that will cost just $10 extra.
I thought you were a cycling coach, not a running coach. What are your qualifications to write an Imogene training plan?
This training plan reflects my background in endurance training, my USA Triathlon coaching certification, and my experience in 2010, when I cross-trained my way to Imogene and ran a sub-3 hour race, as the 4th placed overall female.

I am that runner who can not run too frequently or too far without injury, and I love to ride my bike, strength train, and spend time with my family (in 2010, my daughter was just 2 years old and needed me with her A LOT!). Flagstaff runners are so blessed to live in a town with such a deep pool of expert runners and running coaches.

What kinds of cross-training does it include?
Each week includes 2-3 days of running, plus 1-2 days of strength training, one bike ride, and one “family day”.
Those aren't the types of cross-training I like to do/I want to run more than that/My life or work schedule varies a lot. Can I still use this training plan?
You can absolutely alter this plan in any way that you need to make it work for you (rearrange the workouts, substitute a different cross-training, run longer or shorter, etc). Feel free to do this on your own, or contact me for help in either customizing this plan or for signing up for individual coaching. My customization fee is $50. Individual coaching rates are here.
How many hours/days/miles per week do I need to have available in order to follow the training plan?
The plan is written with 3 midweek workouts of ~45 mins each, and 1-2 weekend workouts ranging from 1h30m to over 3h. However, you can alter as much as needed to make it work for you.
What should I do to prepare before beginning the training plan?
You should gradually increase your long run to 1 hour 30 minutes before beginning this training plan, and should be running consistently 3 days per week.
I’ve heard great things about your mental training program. Is that included in the training plan?
No. Mental training is part of my individual coaching. If you are interested in that level of coaching, please contact me.
Since I have training partners/friends who are doing this run with me, can we just buy 1 plan and share it?
You could, but if you do it is likely you will all get side cramps and blisters! Please no sharing! 🙂 It’s the honor system.
I don't live in Flagstaff. Can I still use this plan?
This plan is quite Flagstaff-centric. You can absolutely still use it even if you don’t live here, but you will need to either modify it yourself (by substituting runs that are of a similar nature) or have me help you modify it. My consultation fee is $50 to modify.
I purchased the training plan, then got sick/injured/changed my mind. Can I get a refund?
Sorry, no refunds once a plan has been downloaded. (If it has been paid for but not yet downloaded, then I can issue a refund.) I can, however, help you alter the plan to work around your sickness or injury. My customization rate is $50.