How it Works
I post your daily training every two weeks on a calendar that only you and I can view; you post your workout feedback on the calendar as frequently as possible. We stay in contact via the calendars, email, and telephone. I make changes to your training whenever it is needed. Each week you are also given a mental training focus. This is a specific, periodized mental training program that I have developed, and is fine-tuned to be specific for you.

I never in a million years thought the mental training you are having me do would benefit me so much. I am absolutely stunned and shocked at how much better I am riding.
James Foulks training for the AZT300

Dara makes you feel like the impossible is possible!
-Heidi Clayton: endurance mountain bike racer, survivor

Credentials and Experience
I have been coaching since 2006. I am licensed as a level 3 USA Cycling coach, a level 1 USA Triathlon coach, and a CPT (certified personal trainer) through NASM.

My racing palmarès include